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What Is Gemology?

Alison LeBaron has committed her life to the study of gems, otherwise known as gemology. For over 37 years, she has examined, appraised, and studied a wide range of gemstones and other valuable jewelry from around the world. At LeBaron Laboratory in Granite Bay, CA, Alison works with more than a dozen specialized tools to provide both qualitative and quantitative information about her clients' gemstones.

There are multiple factors that separate a highly valuable gemstone from one that is not worth much. These include durability, rarity, beauty, acceptability, and current fashion. While an untrained eye can notice how beautiful any gem is, it takes a certified professional to discern the other qualities of a gemstone that determine the value.

Whether you're trying to get your jewelry insured, need to liquidate, or just want to know it's value, it is wise to stay current on your gem appraisals. The market is constantly shifting and the value of your prized possessions will fluctuate with time.

Alison is a highly qualified and well-trained gemologist jewelry appraiser with a wealth of experience in the field. Allow her to use her knowledge to identify your gems or let you know how valuable they are. You may be sitting on a fortune, and Alison can't wait to tell you about it!

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